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Medicines of the World


“Alternative medicine is actually the original medicine and has been practiced in communities around the world for centuries!"

—Dr. Gabrielle Francis

Dr. G combines her love of exploration and culture with a quest for knowledge of medicine from indigenous cultures. Her adventures explore how healing, music, food, medicine and spirituality interface with the local culture and people. Dr. G approaches each adventure with an open mind, insatiable curiosity, and sincere love for people. This attitude. and her extensive knowledge provide her a unique access to the wisdom and healers of these mysterious and exotic cultures.

The Wisdom gathered from her travels is incorporated into her practice, workshops and events:



This is an ancient massage technique practiced by the Curanderas and Healers of the Mayan cultures of Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico. The purpose is to massage and reposition the uterus, ovaries, and other abdominal organs through an external and non-invasive treatment. The goal is to restore circulation of blood and nutrients into the regions and to allow the proper elimination of toxins. The Mayan Massage is essential for all issues related to the female reproductive tract and fertility.  Dr. Francis studied Mayan Massage with Rosita Arvigo in Belize and numerous Curanderas and Midwives in Guatemala and Mexico.



Thai Massage is a combination of acupressure, gentle stretching and pulling techniques derived from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. The purpose of the massage is to restore and improve the flow of “prana”, or vital life energy. It improves flexibility and the structural alignment. Passive yoga is the vibe!
Dr. Gabrielle learned Thai Massage at Traditional Thai Massage schools in Chaing Mai and Bangkok, Thailand.



Curanderismo is the Traditional Folk Medicine of Central and South America. Its practice varies among the different culture and countries. The origin of Curanderismo is in the indigenous healing arts of the Mayan, Aztec, Zapotec, and Inca. The practice has evolved to have syncretism of other influences that include Catholic, Sephardic and African practices brought to the Americans via colonization and trade. The philosophy of Curanderismo believes that disease is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit. The factors that may influence the disease are physical, environmental, social, psychological, and spiritual. The healing remedies that are applied are determined once the cause of the disharmony is identified. The Curandero and Curandera are the local folk healers and are gifted with healing abilities as well as trained in an apprenticeship with a family or community elder. Some of the practices of Curanderismo include herbal medicine, massage, bone setting, limpias (cleansing rituals), Temescal (sauna), soul retrievals and spiritual extractions. Curanderismo is widely used in Central and South America and is currently enjoying more recognition in modern medicines.



Gabrielle is a graduate of the Four Winds Energy Medicine school founded by famed anthropologist, Alberto Villoldo. Through her training and apprenticeship with Four Winds, she has been initiated into the Rites and Lineage of the Wisdom Keepers of the High Andes known as the Q’ero shaman. The Q’ero lineage remained in the high Andes isolated from the Spanish influences for centuries. This allowed them to retain their pure and original philosophy. They are known in Peru as the Prophesy Keepers that believe that we are in a time of transformation in which we will be transforming into light bodies. The Q’ero Shaman, also known as Pacos, or Priest Healers, integrate rituals and practices that are devoted to the Cosmos and Mother Earth or Pachamama. They believe that healing involves working with the energy field around the body and harmonizing it with Pachamama and the Cosmos. Healing practices include Illuminations, Limpias, Soul Retrievals and Spiritual Extractions.



Traditional Chinese Medicine originated in Ancient China over 5000 years ago. Today it is a fully medical system that enjoys popularity in China as well as many countries around the world. TCM approaches medical diagnoses differently than Western Medicine. It examines the energetic constitution of a person by evaluating organ systems and meridians (pathways for life-energy, or “Qi”). It uses Eastern principles of yin/yang and the Five Elements. Tongue analysis and pulse evaluation are used for TCM examination. The goal of TCM is to reach a balance of systems to resolve a disease state. TCM includes various therapies which include Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tui Na Massage, Bone Setting, and Chinese Nutrition. Dr. Francis studied Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University and Chengdu Hospital for TCM in China.



Ayurvedic Medicine is the ancient medicine and philosophy of healing that originated in India over 5000 years ago. Ayurveda means “The Science of Life” in Sanskrit. Its teachings are based on the Vedic texts and have been passed down in an oral tradition for centuries. Today Ayurveda is a full medical system with schools in India and around the world. The initial assessment is to find the person’s primary Dosha and constitution. This is the energetic balance that the patient was born with and presents the strengths and challenges of their life…body, mind and spirit. Imbalance of the Doshas creates disease and disharmony and is based on energetic disruptions of the elements of earth, air, fire and water. The Ayurvedic treatments are designed to create a customized protocol for rebalancing the Doshas. These treatments include: Panchakarma detoxification, massage, nutritional and diet recommendations, herbal medicine prescriptions, yoga asanas, breathing and meditation. Gabrielle learned Ayurvedic methods in the Kerala Hospital for Ayurveda medicine in Trivandrum, India.