Stage Four is about cleansing and clearing the environment in our home, office, and daily life. You want to reduce the toxins that we are exposed to day in and day out. You also want to see this as an opportunity to clean the house, organize the closets and desks, and get rid of things that are just cluttering our space. Cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. This may also be a great time to start a recycling program in your house and office if you don’t already have one.


Chemical overload comes from the insidious low-grade exposure to toxins in our immediate environment. These chemicals are in cleaning products, personal and beauty care products, building materials, carpet and even furniture. The good news is that you have control over the products you choose for your home and body. With a careful label reading and not too much extra money, you can start to enjoy the peace of mind that come with knowing you are living a non-toxic life. Not to mention you save yourself loads of medical expenses in the future.





Cleaning Supplies
When looking for non-toxic, cleaning supplies, paint and personal care products, look for chemical-free products whenever possible. Check the labels for certification such as the USDA Organic Seal, Ecology seal by Environmental Choice or Green Seal. If those aren’t present, take some time to read ingredient labels. 

Avoid the following Chemicals in Cleaning Supplies:
-Skin Irritants



Recycle and Organize
Clean closets and recycle clothes, books, and other items in the house that are taking up space and not used anymore. There are great places to donate to the needy.



Leave Shoes at the Door
This keeps the dirt outside



Open Windows for Fresh Air