Happy Hour Mandela Small

Happy Hour at The Herban Alchemist

The Herban Alchemist Happy Hour is the remedy for the wintertime blues!

Join us!

Thursdays from 4-7pm

137 Grand St., 2nd floor

New York, NY 10013

RSVP: at 212-925-8772


(It is not necessary to be a patient of The Herban Alchemist
to join our Happy Hour)

Our Happy Hour lounge includes:

  • A Cup of BE HAPPY Tea:
    Herb Tea for Lifting Your Spirits – Need an attitude adjustment? If the sky is gray and cloudy or your spirit could use a little lift, there are lots of mood-enhancing options out there. But few are as healthy or delightful as sipping this caffeine-free herbal brew based on organic rooibos.
    Like a burst of sunshine, it begins to work its subtle magic as the bright flavors of lemon myrtle and luscious peach do a tango on your taste buds.
    Meanwhile, our carefully balanced blend of calming lemon balm, St. John’s wort and rhodiola does its part to help keep the blues away. So sip and smile. You’ll be feeling peachy keen in no time.
  • Wei of Chocolate: Wei Peace
    Savor this organic dark chocolate made with organic coconut blossom sugar.   This lavender grey dark chocolate is blended with bergamot, lavender and flower essences and helps to balance the body and mind with renewed ease. Savoring the chocolate is a meditation in itself.
  • Auricular Ear Acupuncture session: 30-45 minutes
    The special 5-needle ear protocol helps the body relax and go into rest mode. Auricular acupuncture has been proven by research to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, lift the mood, and reduce cravings and addictions. It is the perfect way to reset your nervous system and get your body, mind and spirit in balance.
  • Lotus Wei Misting and Serum:
    Choose one of the Lotus Wei Flower Essences to enhance your treatment. You will be given a flower chart and mood guide so you can choose the best essence to compliment your session. Choices include:

Infinite Love
Joy Juice
Inspired Action
Radiant Energy
Quiet Mind
Inner Peace

Happy Hour Benefits:

  • Restores calm
  • Lifts moodHelps sleep
  • Clears negativity
  • Resets energy
  • Curbs addictions
  • Balances and Harmonizes body, mind and spirit