Aura Readings

Celebrate Summer and see the light that you are in the world!

Cost includes:
  • Polaroid of Aura
  • Short consultation
  • 30 Page Individualized Report emailed to you the next day

What is Aura Photography?

Aura Photography is a system that provides a feedback of energetic field of a person.

The Aura is a layer of energy surrounding the physical body that resonates on different frequencies and is not possible to identify with a naked eye. The Aura can extend to different lengths (2 to 5 feet), and it can change accordingly to our health, mood or spiritual activities.

Aura of a person is filled with energy from a complex system of different energetic centers and subtle bodies that surround our physical body.

Everyone has an aura and has already seen or experienced the energy field of others at some point of time. Each color has its general characteristics, but each shade of that color can change those characteristics a little.

The Aura is broken down into ‘layers’ from the inner, most dense to the outer, finer or higher vibration layers; etheric, emotional, mental, causal, etheric template, intuitive and cosmic. Each layer is related to the chakras or energy centers.

The photographer uses a Krilian Camera that is designed to capture the beautiful colors of light that surround you!

How does it work?

Aura photography is non-invasive. It requires you to put one hand on a sensor plate and look into special camera. All data will be read in 30 seconds and the system will generate an extensive 30-page report, with general detailed information about your aura health, chakras energy levels, stress level, yin/yang balance, soul energy balance, elements balance, male and female energy levels, planets that influence on you at that moment.