Michael Franti On Health, Wellness and The Rockstar Remedy

The terms “healthy living” and “rock star” are rarely used in the same sentence. In fact when most of us think of the Rock & Roll lifestyle, the first word that comes to mind is “excess”—too much partying, too many wild nights, too much sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. The truth is that while […]

These tricks help Courtney Love and Tommy Lee get their beauty sleep

From the New York Post article By Jordi Lippe Getting enough sleep is as important as eating a balanced meal and exercising — and yet 57 percent of Americans think they don’t get the rest they need, according to a January study by Princess Cruises. And who are some of the worst sufferers? Rock stars. […]

Adrian Grenier – SHFT and Food Tripping

ADRIAN GRENIER – Musician-noise maker, Actor, Film Maker, Activist Talks SHFT and FOOD TRIPPING Interview by Dr. Gabrielle Francis SHFT…The Culture of Today’s Environment There is currently a paradigm shift towards sustainability and environmentalism that is happening in all aspects of society…lifestyle, culture, industry, health, food, fashion, consumerism, and media. With this Shift there is a […]

Dave Navarro Unplugged…on Relationships

An excerpt from an Interview by Lonn M. Friend For “The Rockstar Remedy” I look at my band as a family unit. With that come all the joys and pain and suffering of any family unit. It’s highly loving and highly dysfunctional. You’re dealing with a multitude of egos as well. There’s a certain acknowledgment […]

11 New Years Resolutions Inspired by The Beatles

As it turns out the Fab 4 were not only Icons of Melody and Harmony, they are amazing health and spiritual gurus too. I have been inspired by them this New Years. Don’t forget to sing along.   1. Shake It Up Baby! Great health starts with RxStar Detox Shakes — they cleanse and rebalance […]

Sneak Peak: A Day in the Life of a (Healthy) Rock Star

One of the first questions people want to know when they find out I’m a rock ‘n’ roll doctor is “what’s it like to be around a rock star?” (Right after they ask, “how much drugs and sex are really going on backstage?”) When it comes to rock ‘n’ roll lifestyles, the biggest surprise is […]

Immune Booster Soup

Drink this immunity booster when your schedule goes into overdrive to prevent you from getting run down or sick. It’s like chicken soup on steroids.