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SALT-LIVE ENERGIZED! A New York Healing Adventure



An Urban Healing Adventure in New York City to Support Lung Health and Well-Being


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We eat organic and drink filtered water, but New Yorkers breathe in 30 pounds of polluted air every day.  Our bodies weren’t built for this kind of assault.  SALT LIVE ENERGIZED provides the most effective dry salt therapy (halotherapy) in the U.S. in a 550 sq ft treatment room for up to 5 clients at a time.   


SALT LIVE ENERGIZED began on the North Fork of Long Island in Greenport three years ago, seaside, at the chic Sound View Hotel.  The founders, Carlos Lamarche and Jason Lundy, wanted to test a concept that New Yorkers deserved to have better respiratory health.  Two years before COVID, SALT’s philosophy was to promote respiratory health and help the lungs recover from urban living.  Tens of thousands of people die prematurely annually because of air pollution and the cumulative effects on the body.  Using naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial elements, SALT helps to mitigate that harm.

After a successful run in Greenport, SALT LIVE ENERGIZED has opened its hero flagship location in SoHo.  This space will launch a new level of wellness and detoxification for high performing urbanites. 








SALT recommends a minimum of one weekly treatment consisting of 25 or 45 minutes in their treatment room for the best health effects.  The treatment helps you to breathe better, work out better, perform cardio better, and live healthier (in fact, the #2 users of dry salt therapy are racehorses!)  It helps with allergies, asthma, and other breathing conditions.  The treatment room holds up to five at a time, all separated by curtains and social distancing (already in place before COVID).  Deep breathing of salt air, especially when combined with earth and water sounds or meditations on provided Bose headsets and iPods, transports clients to a new world of relaxation.  Yes, you’re treating your lungs, but you’re actually relaxing in a calm, safe place.  It’s like a quiet day at the beach…without leaving the city.  SALT also offers LightStim LED treatment for the face.  Anti-aging by stimulating collagen production and anti-tension by relaxing the facial muscles, this lightly warm light, FDA approved, adds to the “day at the beach” feeling.