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Zapotec Healing Ceremony: Limpia

Zapotec Limpia


A Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony





Curanderismo is the Ancient Healing System of Central and South America and its practitioners are known as Curanderos and Curanderas (Healers).     Their practices vary from Region to Region and include: 

Herbal Medicine


The Limpia (or spiritual cleanings)

Soul Retrievals

Flower Baths

and much more.   


This Limpia takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico during The Day of the Dead Celebrations.  

Before El Día de Los Muertos, many of the locals visit the Curandero for a Limpia to clean their spirits before the Ancestors arrive.   The Curanderos see most disease as a result of spiritual afflictions such as Fright, Anger, Jealously, Envy, and Grief.


In this video, Dr. Gabrielle Francis is visiting her friend Laurencio, A Zapotec Curandero, from Oaxaca, Mexico.     The Ceremony begins with prayers and incense to clear the energy and creat Sacred Space.    He then holds Gabrielle’s Pulses to diagnose her energy state and areas where she has blockages.   Then he cleanses her energy field with Prayers and Herbal Clearing, the Egg to draw negative energies, Mezcal to clean the Aura, and a Soul Retrieval to call back parts of her Soul.    The entire time Laurencio is praying to The Grandfather Sky, Mother Earth, Jesus and Mary.   The Zapotec practice a spiritual tradition that synchronizes both traditional Earth based Mysticism with Catholicsm.   



Laurencio:  Zapotec Curandero


Dr. Gabrielle Francis:  Executive Producer


Matty Brown:  Director


Location:  Oaxaca Mexico