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Romance Reset with The AstroTwins!


with The AstroTwins 



Romance Reset with The Astro Twins 





Has romance done a disappearing act from your life? 


In the midst of the global pandemic, love has been harder than ever for many people! Maybe you've spent a little TOO much time with the same person.  The magic, the mojo, the glow...where are they now?

If you're single, you may have spent far too much time alone. And while it's always great to get "me time," loneliness and frustration still crop up.


On top of that, Venus—the planet of love—is retrograde (backward) until June 25. So NOT what we need right now!


In short, the world is ready for a REBOOT.


That's why I'm thrilled to share about Romance Reset, a 7-day program created by my friends and favorite astrologers, The AstroTwins.


In this weeklong course, you'll get a daily email with a lesson tailored to your astrological sign and chart. You'll...

  • Discover which part of your chart (and life!) Venus retrograde will affect—and the unique “love mission” you’ve been assigned until June 25, 2020.

  • Learn the surprising difference between “Earth Time” and “Venus Time”—and how navigating these two romantic time zones can save your relationships.

  • Find out if you born under a morning or evening star Venus—and what this means about your approach to love.

  • Decode your attachment style and overcome intimacy blocks through a blend neuroscience, psychology and spirituality.

  • Craft your ideal partnership, by the stars—and learn how to stay committed to that vision.

Plus, three amazing guest experts will share tools from neuroscience, spirituality and psychology to create healthy, happy love.




The AstroTwins are offering this course for a special pandemic price of $49.