14 APHRODISIAC RITUALS: Raise the energy of Magnetism, Creativity & Love

Inspired By Love Songs

The word aphrodisiac originates from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. She was the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Creativity, Procreation, Pleasure and Passion. She is the Greek version of the Roman Goddess Venus. Throughout ancient history, Aphrodisiacs, have been revered as substances that were sacred to Aphrodite and claimed to enhance sexual attraction, performance and desire.

There is an endless array of aphrodisiac rituals, these magical substances which can be from common everyday food and beverages to more exotic herbal elixirs and animal excretions.

The benefits of Aphrodisiacs to enhance sexual desire, performance, and virility can be attributed to their chemical effects on our hormones and endocrine system or our neurotransmitters and nervous systems.

It is interesting to note that the enhanced and balanced effects on our hormones and nervous systems... also have the ability to raise our magnetism and creativity.

Magnetism refers to a person who is a center of influence. There are two qualities that make you magnetic: the ability to attract and your approachability. Together they produce a positive attitude and that allows you to be a center of influence that attracts and stands out from the competition.

Creativity is the phenomenon of generating something new and valuable and sharing it. Creativity originates in the second chakra where the ovaries and adrenal glands live.

I see this area as the source of our energy and vitality. Think of creativity as having an excess of energy and abundant ideas that need to be expressed forward. When we are depleted, tired, unhappy and unhealthy... we often feel creatively blocked. When we feel full and healthy the energy flows and can be shared.

Creators, I would like to share with you a few Aphrodisiac rituals inspired by my favorite passion, Music (Rock Music that is...). These rituals are small but profound exercises that have biological benefits on our hormones and nervous systems....and in doing so they can help to raise your vibration of Magnetism and Creativity. First, Tune In to the song and create some mood and ambiance. Second, read and absorb the ritual. Third, incorporate the ritual into your routine or just bring the elevated awareness into your life. The most important part of each ritual is that they are done with the sincere intention to support your wellbeing and happiness. Just realizing the love and abundance available to you is huge. From here you will be able to express your gifts creatively with the world.

And yes... love IS the drug!

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1. TUNE IN: Love is in the Air by John Paul Young

Ritual: Set up your aromatherapy diffuser and get the love and well being Aromas floating through the air molecules into your olfactory nerves. Try essential oils of...

Ylang Ylang: Joy and lighthearted, forgiveness
Rose: Love and compassion, empathy
Lavender: Calm and serenity, receptive
Jasmine: Love and libido, forgiveness
Cinnamon: Warm and fuzzy, mental clarity

John Paul Young

2. TUNE IN: You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

Ritual: Chocolate originated from the ancient cultures of the Aztec and Mayans. They revered Chocolate as “Food for the Gods” and saw it as a bridge between “heaven and earth”. The Aztec and Mayan priests drank Chocolate in a ceremonial bowl and made a spiritual ritual in drinking it. It was known for its ability to bring wisdom and wealth...and perhaps even more importantly for its aphrodisiac properties. Chocolate is high in the nutrients Phenylalanine and Magnesium, which synergistically raise our endorphins, or our natural opiates. This is why chocolate is associated with rituals around love and sexual desire. The Aztecs and Mayans also added spices such as Cinnamon and Vanilla to the Hot Chocolate, both adding to the sexy, loving, warm feelings elicited by the Chocolate itself. Make yourself a bowl of Mexican Hot Chocolate using 70% or higher dark chocolate and try adding some cinnamon or vanilla to spice up your Love life!

3. TUNE IN: Love Shack by B52's

Ritual: The ancient art and science of Feng Shui uses the concept of space to change the energy that we are attracting in our lives. I found a few interesting ideas to use Feng Shui to attract love and harmonious relationships into our life. All grounding starts with a comforting environment in our homes. From there we attract and expand.

  1. Clear out all photos and items that remind you of old loves, hurts and experiences that you would like to leave behind. In other words, create energetic space for love and new energies to come in.
  2. Diffuse Essential Oils that are known to lift our hearts
    and minds and open us to love and compassion such as: Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, and Sandalwood.
  3. Play Music that makes you feel hopeful, excited, happy and connected to something wonderful.
  4. Use your favorite crystals for room decorations and to protect from negative energies. Here are a few that are known to attract love and raise feelings of compassion and peace: Rose Quartz, Moon Stone, Jade, Amethyst.
  5. Create a Separate place in your home or space for work and selfcare/love. Try to avoid working in the bedroom and keep this as your special place for romance or spiritual reflection.

“The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together... Love Shack!”

4. TUNE IN: Love is the Drug by Roxy Music

Ritual: Hug your lover, friend and family, pet, or even your-self. Hugs raise your level of oxytocin the bonding hormone and dopamine your “Pleasure and Feel Good” hormone.

This may raise your sense of belonging, social wellbeing and trust in your world. Hugging can also enhance neuroplasticity... the ability of the brain to create new networks of connections. Hugs increase feelings of love and feelings of love can increase our creativity and purpose. Love IS the drug...

Roxy Music

5. TUNE IN: Higher Love by Steve Winwood/Whitney Houston

Ritual: The benefits of daily meditation are endless. But did you know that meditation does more than just lower stress and relax you? It actually can help make your mind more creative and expansive leading to new ideas and solutions for areas where we feel stuck. It also can raise our feeling of compassion, empathy and tolerance... therefore improving our relationships and enhancing our magnetism. Tap into a “Loving Kindness Meditation” and empower self and universal love.


6. TUNE IN: Sunshine of your Love by Cream

Ritual: Hello, Sun worshippers! Did you know that the Sun is a potent aphrodisiac? Just 20-30 minutes per day can raise your testosterone level and help your brain to produce serotonin, melatonin and endorphins...all the “feel good in a relaxed way” chemicals. Not to mention it activates your Vitamin D for extra benefits for a healthy immune system. Walk or Sit in the Sun for 20 minutes every day and enjoy the Radiance from wherever you are!


7. TUNE IN: Sea of Love by Cat Power

Ritual: If you live near the ocean there is nothing more healing than a dip in the Sea to refresh, release and invigorate. Another option is to warm up your bath water and add a couple of cups of Bath Sea Salts. Then sink in and relax for 20-30 minutes. Sea salts are rich in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iodine. They help to clear away toxins, relax the muscles and nerves, and make us open to receiving. Splash away!

Add a few drops of Essential Oils such as Ylang Ylang, Lavender or Jasmine to raise the love vibration.

Sea of Love Cat Power

8. TUNE IN: Loving Cup by Rolling Stones

Ritual: Turn your daily beverage rituals into an Aphrodisiac awareness experience by enjoying the nutritional and loving benefits as well as the comforting taste. Brew a cup of the plants below or add some spice to your favorite drink.

Enjoy, smell and savor.... A cup of Love!

Relaxing Aphrodisiacs: Passionflower and Kava Teas
Aromatic Aphrodisiacs: Jasmine, Vanilla, Rose, Lavender
Warming Aphrodisiacs: Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg
Stimulating Aphrodisiacs: Coffee, Green Tea, Black Tea and Hot Cocoa

9. TUNE IN: Baby Love by The Supremes

Ritual: Perhaps nothing is more inspiring or uplifting than to spend the day with a baby or a young child. Being with children raises our levels of Oxytocin and Endorphins: the bonding, trusting and wellbeing hormones. Being with children allows us to remember the wonder and magnificence of life and clear away the cynicism. Hanging with children stimulates our brain to see with the eyes of innocence and magic again. Oh Baby!


10. TUNE IN: All You Knead is Love by The Beatles

Ritual: We all deserve a Massage at least once per month! Allow your body to melt into the table and receive the pampering and healing that is reward for just being you! Massage stimulates Oxytocin, Endorphins, Serotonin and Dopamine... all the “Feel Good and Feel Connected” chemicals that we can’t get enough of! Relax and Receive!

The Beatles

11. TUNE IN: Love Bites by Def Leppard

Ritual: Aphrodisiacs are Legendary substances that have been known in folklore and now proven by science to enhance love, attraction and desire. There is an endless array of these magical substances which can be from common everyday foods. The benefits of Aphrodisiacs to enhance sexual desire, performance, and virility can be attributed to their chemical effects on our hormones and endocrine system or our neurotransmitters and nervous systems.

Phenylalanine (Endorphins, Feel Good hormones) Try Dark Chocolate, Nuts, Seeds,
Adrenaline (Our energizing, “go for it” hormone) Try Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and Matcha
Dopamine (Pleasure and Satisfaction hormone) Try Eggs, Yogurt, Cheese, and Dark Chocolate
Serotonin (Wellbeing and Positivity hormone) Try Potatoes, Oats, Red Wine, Hemp and Cannabis

Some Love Bites to serve to your loved ones or yourself!
Figs and Cashews
Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries or Strawberries Wine and Cheese

Def Leppard

12. TUNE IN: Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer

Ritual: Falling in Love boosts Dopamine....and Increasing the pleasure loving, Dopamine can make us feel more loving. Sure, alcohol and some drugs can give us a Dopamine Rush. Try some healthier alternatives such as exercise and or session in an infrared sauna. Or feed your Dopamine with some foods which are rich in Tyrosine: Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Clean meats, and Organic Dairy.

13. TUNE IN: Cosmic Love by Florence & the Machine

Ritual: Venus is the brightest planet in the sky and is named after the Roman Goddess of Love, Beauty, Creativity, Fertility, Sensuality, Sexuality and Passion. Tune into her energy by gazing at her in the night sky. But before you do... check out your Venus Reading with the Astrotwins, Ophi and Tali, at astrostyle.com. Learn your personal Venus sign and read about the way the Planet of Love affects you personally.

Florence & The Machine

14. TUNE IN: Love Stinks by J. Geils Band

Ritual: Pheromones are scent hormones that send signals of attraction out into the world. The word Pheromone comes from the Greek words: Pherin and Hormone meaning “exciting carrier”. These subtle signals add to our attraction and magnetism and are affected by our overall health especially with regards to our hormones and nervous systems. The perfume industry has made fortunes from the Pheromone experiment. Try your own experiment in raising Pheromones by eating foods rich in vitamin E, Zinc and Magnesium or eat foods that raise your Testosterone levels.

The following list of Aphrodisiac foods have rich Pheromone enhancing abilities:

Zinc: Seafood, Nuts, Seeds, Beans and Dark Chocolate
Vitamin E: Seeds, Leafy Greens, and Omega Rich Oils
Magnesium: Dark Chocolate, Leafy Greens, Wild Fish, and Whole Grains
Testosterone Foods: Celery, Parsnips, Truffles

It should also be noted that Exercise and a Good Night’s Sleep are great for increasing our pheromone production too.

Ooooh that smell!